Kellett and Sons Truck Parts is owned and operated by, Chris Kellett.

Chris Kellett built his career on a passion for trucking. He started his career as a truck driver, not a mechanic. After many years of driving commercially, as so often happens, a beautiful wife and a few strong, good looking boys, came along, and all of a sudden, he found his priorities had changed.

So when he started his family, he had to find another career. What better choice than working on the same rigs he drove for so many years? It would keep both of his passions, family and trucking close to home. What could be better!

With his new plan for life figured out, he knew he would need some training to be able to provide professional level services to the truckers he knew and called friend while he was a driver. That's when Mr. Kellett decided his best course of action was to go back to school. Mr. Kellett attended and completed his training at Greenville Tech. where he recieved his Industrial Technology Diesel Mechanics certification and trianing.

So, with certification, a love for trucks, his family close, and lots of support from his brother and father, and the lords blessing, Kellett and Sons truck Parts sprang to life. The doors for business were opened by Mr. Kellett, on his birthday, January, 26th, 2000.

Since that time, with the blessings of the lord, the business has grown and prospered. This has allowed Chris to bring in many new employees, including his older brother Carl, who is an ex-driver and a qualified technician. Kellett and Sons Truck Parts also has many other employees who are experts in their fields. These fields range from Diesel Engine Technicians, Trailer Technicians, Truck Technicians and Tire specialists. Chris is proud to say that all of his employees are highly reliable, deeply commited, and loyal to his goals.

As a seperate and special thank you, Chris would like to extend his appreciation to his father. His father is retired now, but was instrumental in the development of Chris' work ethic, strong family background and desire to do a job right, do it right the first time, and do it at a fair price. Not to mention the Customer Service that helped the business grow and become what it is today.

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