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Kellett and Sons Truck Parts is committed to maintaining all of your truck, trailer, and bus maintenance needs to prevent costly break downs on the road. We strive to provide peace of mind for your fleet or vehicle while it’s at home.

We provide a full range of general services. One of these services is a preventive maintenance plan to all customers. We check to make sure your vehicle is safe and reliable including checking your tires and air pressure and making sure all of your inspection stickers are up to date. For convenience, we can keep a record of when your inspections and services were done, and when they will become due, and we will notify you.

What we have found is that the single highest cost to shipping company operations is forgetting to perform preventive maintenance. We all know if your trucks are not moving, you’re not making any money. The chance of downtime on the road can be drastically reduced by Kellett and Sons Truck Parts’ regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, and/or yard checks before every trip.


Kellett and Sons is completely able to meet all of your trailer needs. We specialize in brake repair, thoroughly checking and diagnosing the brake system—from the valves to the brake chamber, brake lines, cams, clevis, slack adjusters, brake shoes, drums and seals. When it comes to trailer damage, we are experienced in repairing the body structure of trailers including panels, roof-bows, corner caps, roof, doors, under carriage, etc.
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