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Kellett and Sons has recognized the need for safety in bus repair. We are state certified to work on brakes and inspect buses. Having years of experience driving commercial trucks and working on them, we decided to broaden our view to the maintenance of buses and not only be able to work on them, but also to drive them to test the work that has been performed on these buses.

We have Class A tractor trailer and Class B Bus CDL license with P and S endorsements among other tractor and trailer endorsements. We are qualified to work on the engines, transmissions, drive lines, rear ends and electrical systems, along with brakes and state inspections on school buses. We are also equipped to check your electrical system, starting system and charging system with Medtronic high technology readout tools and print capabilities. Engine diagnostics can also be checked with Nexiq Pro-Link for superior diagnostics. We can perform engine, transmission, rear end, and cooling system services along with annual and six week inspections on your buses at your request.

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