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What we have found is that the single highest cost to shipping company operations is forgetting to perform preventive maintenance. We all know if your trucks are not moving, you’re not making any money. [MORE»]
Kellett and Sons Truck Parts is committed to repairing any part on your truck. We provide repairs for all makes and models of light and heavy duty trucks, trailers, and buses.No job is too small or large. [MORE»]
Kellett and Sons is completely able to meet all of your trailer needs. We specialize in brake repair, thoroughly checking and diagnosing the brake system—from the valves to the brake chamber, [MORE»]
Kellett and Sons offers a tire service to meet all your fleet tire needs. We sale new tires, recaps, and regrooves. We provide repair or service for installing customers’ tires that they already own. [MORE»]
Kellett and Sons has recognized the need for safety in bus repair. We are state certified to work on brakes and inspect buses. Having years of experience driving commercial trucks and working on them, [MORE»]
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