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Kellett and Sons offers a tire service to meet all your fleet tire needs. We sale new tires, recaps, and regrooves. We provide repair or service for installing customers’ tires that they already own. We are a mobile service provider offering a tire service to meet your needs on the road or at your place of business.

We check your air pressure to make sure the tire is properly inflated, and check the tire valve stem for leaks and change the valve stem every time the tire is changed. While doing this, we check your tire side walls for bulges and deep cuts and tread for flat spots, leaks, low tread, and all-around good condition and check to make sure not to mismatch your tires with different amounts of tread depths that would cause your rear end to heat up. We are also able to replace worn studs and nuts.

Kellett and Sons offers a yard check service to check your equipment and your tires for a set fee at customer’s request (either daily, weekly, or monthly schedule). Our tire service includes checking your units over from front to back so as not to have problems on the road. If, for example, a bolt had fallen out of the alternator on past trip, without catching this, the alternator could come off and hit the fan and damage the radiator. This is where we come into play with our yard check service. We currently have customers who are very pleased with the results from equipment being trouble-free while on the road.
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